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What is drafting?

Drafting, also known as technical drawing, is the creation of accurate representations of objects, systems, or building structures for technical, architectural, or engineering purposes. These skilled professionals are known as drafters. A drafter’s responsibilities can include creating engineering drawings and designs; compiling design specifications, documentation, and material lists; and preparing complete documentation packages for engineers. These drawings are digitally designed using CAD (computer-aided design) software.

Why is drafting important in engineering and architecture?

While drafting takes place behind the scenes, it plays a crucial role in engineering and architecture. The technical drawings created by drafters are the blueprints used as a reference by engineers and architects. Most importantly, because these drawings are precisely detailed, they help engineers and architects perform their jobs without errors, delays, or expensive issues. Drafting is also important for communication and documentation. Engineers use drawings and plans to clearly communicate the complex information that makes up their ideas and designs, and allows others to visualize them with precision.

How do you become a drafter?

Becoming a drafter often involves a combination of education, training, and experience. Many high schools offer introductory-level classes in drafting and design.  Typically, after high school, those looking to become a drafter complete further education, often through a program at a college or technical school.  Many drafters have an associate’s degree in drafting or a related field. It is important for any individual looking to get into this field to gain proficiency in CAD software. While it may not be required, obtaining a certification can enhance credibility. There are various certifications offered for drafters offered through organizations such as the American Design Drafting Association or through software companies such as Autodesk or Solidworks.

Drafting at Encorus Group

Encorus Group’s drafting department currently consists of 9 people with experience levels ranging from brand new to the trade to 30+ years of experience. Most of our drafting is done in standard 2D Autocad and Revit, but we also work with Inventor, Autocad 3D and Solidworks. Our team covers every discipline at Encorus, including architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, automation / instrumentation, and process engineering.  Encorus serves a wide range of clients and their needs, including the Department of Energy, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and many industrial, manufacturing, and other clients.