Welcome to Encorus, Allen Smith! May 9

Welcome to Encorus, Allen Smith!

Encorus Group would like to welcome Allen Smith to our mechanical integrity team, as he begins his role as mechanical integrity inspector intern. Allen is going into his senior year at Rochester Institute of Technology where he is studying Mechanical Engineering... Read more
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Services Sep 22

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Services

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) uses radar pulses to determine if there are objects located under the surface. It can be used on dirt, stone, concrete, wood, and other materials. An object of a different density in the ground or in concrete acts as a reflector and... Read more
Welcome Joe Ramuchak! May 17

Welcome Joe Ramuchak!

Encorus Group would like to welcome Joe Ramuchak to our Mechanical Integrity Group as MI Inspector. Joe will be working with our clients in the Pennsylvania area. His certifications include AWS Certified Welding Inspector, Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, and more.... Read more
Fitness for Service Evaluations May 5

Fitness for Service Evaluations

Encorus’s Mechanical Integrity Group offers Fitness for Service evaluations to clients that have in-service equipment that needs to be examined.  A Fitness for Service, or FFS, evaluation is a standard evaluation used by the oil, gas, and chemical processing... Read more
A Look at NICET Certifications Mar 24

A Look at NICET Certifications

NICET stands for National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies, and is a division of NSPE, the National Society of Professional Engineers. This institution was put into place to enforce a set standard for each discipline and levels of Technician... Read more