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Highmark Stadium GPR Investigation

By January 19, 2022No Comments2 min read

Ground penetrating radar is a geophysical locating method that uses radio waves to capture images below the surface of the ground in a minimally invasive way. GPR is vital because it can locate underground utilities without disturbing the ground itself, or causing unnecessary damage to an area. This is a huge advantage that can provide the client a better understanding of what is beneath their project site. Our technicians have used our GPR unit in traditional situations, such as locating rebar within a concrete slab, pipes beneath a foundation, and utility lines underground, as well as some more novel ways, such as to help locate a time capsule within the walls of a building. One of Encorus Group’s more noteworthy GPR investigations took place at Highmark Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills.

John W. Danforth Company was set to install a floor drain in the concrete seating section of the stadium, and there were initial concerns of underlying cables and rebar beneath the surface. Without a thorough GPR investigation, it is unknown if anything beneath the surface of the concrete could put the structural integrity of the seating area in jeopardy.

The Encorus Team utilized its GSSI Structure Scan equipment and software to provide an accurate report of the search area to identify whether there was rebar or post tension cables embedded in the concrete structure. This investigation gave the clients, Highmark Stadium and John W. Danforth Company, a better understanding of what was beneath the surface of the concrete to significantly decrease the chance of unnecessary damage and keep Bills fans safe.