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Why Concrete Testing is Essential for New Construction Projects

By January 10, 2020No Comments3 min read

Concrete is one of the most common materials that is used in construction as the building blocks for the foundations of various structures around the world. These structures could be as large and complex as your office high-rise or as simple as the sidewalk that you use every day. Regardless of the size or use, it is of the utmost importance that the concrete has been tested by a qualified civil materials testing company. It can be argued that there are three main requirements when it comes to construction projects: efficiency, functionality, and safety. Concrete testing plays a major part in each of these three aspects.

As detailed in Encorus’s previous Fun Fact Friday article, civil materials testing is financially invaluable when it comes to construction projects of any size. Most flaws in concrete can be corrected within the a certain time frame and budget if they are identified early on. This allows the construction team to maintain the client-set standards for finances and scheduling, thus creating a high level of efficiency. If you are interested in learning more about how civil materials testing maximizes construction schedules and budgets, click here.

Functionality gives each construction project meaning and defines the intended purpose of the structure. If a slab of concrete is intended to be used as flooring, it should be evaluated to make sure that it can support the load and traffic that it will be subject to post-construction. In testing the concrete to make sure it can fulfill its intended purpose, it guarantees the functionality of the structure.

Public safety is one of the top priorities in the construction of any given project. It is important to test concrete structures to ensure that they are safe in regards to load-bearing, stability, and any other factors that could come into play. If concrete is being used to support a bridge, civil materials technicians test the strength of that concrete to make certain that it will not put the safety of the public on the line by cracking, crumbling, or failing in any other way.

Encorus’s concrete services include concrete field inspections, compressive strength testing, and concrete mix design verifications. If you have any questions about or need for concrete testing, contact Encorus’s Civil Laboratory Supervisor, Jeremy Lake, at (716) 592-3980 ext. 133, or