Kevin Gentile knew growing up that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father is his biggest life and career influence and a big reason why he could not pass up the opportunity to work at Encorus. Kevin’s father, Pete, has been with Encorus for about six years, and was a great introduction to a career Kevin knew he wanted to pursue.

Kevin graduated from Kenmore East High School in 2012 and began working right away. He has gained a range of experience working in different areas of the construction field, such as concrete, blacktop, and landscaping, for a few different companies.  He has been a civil engineering technician with Encorus for about six months now and believes that it will be a great steppingstone for his career and his future.  Kevin says that he enjoys working here because of the unwavering teamwork and commitment to help one another: “If you ever have a question, there is always someone there to help give you an answer.”