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In 2020, Jakob Grant graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, and a concentration in Structural Engineering. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Structural and Earthquake Engineering through night classes at UB. Jakob expects to graduate in the Spring of 2022.

Jakob grew up working on his house with his dad, by remodeling and putting an addition on it. His father was a farmer and a technology teacher, and Jakob would constantly take things apart and rebuild them with his father. In addition to the time spent with his father, Jakob worked many jobs during high school and college that revolved around these trades, such as roofing, drywalling, and laying down flooring. These experiences led to Jakob wanting to pursue engineering as a career, and are the reason he is where he is today.

Jakob is happy to be working at Encorus because of the diverse portfolio of engineers and projects the company has. He believes there is an opportunity to grow and advance his career here and it pushes him to be better. Jakob says that  the culture of the company is fantastic and it encourages employees to work together and get to know each other.

Football is a favorite for Jakob, having played in high school and college, and he enjoys  watching it on all levels. In his spare time, he likes to lift weights, play all kinds of sports, fish, hike, play frisbee golf and all sorts of nature activities. Jakob also enjoys reading fantasy novels and playing board and card games, like UNO and other strategy games. He recently got engaged to his girlfriend of 8 years, Jess.