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Wheel of Certifications – National Board Inspector Certification

By May 31, 2023No Comments3 min read

Encorus Group is an Authorized Inspection Agency in accordance with the provisions of NB-369, Accreditation of Authorized Inspection Agencies (AIA).  What does that mean?

Most federal, state, and local office buildings and hospitals have boilers or pressure equipment which needs to be inspected during construction, rehabilitation or yearly maintenance. The National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) promotes greater safety to life and property through guidance on uniformity in the manufacture, maintenance, and inspection of pressure equipment.  Because the water and steam are under high pressure, regular inspections following consistent guidelines are essential.  A breakdown in the system could cause steam or water leaks, or, in the worst case scenario, an explosion!

Regular inservice inspections are required to identify potential failure points, so that situations ranging from leaks to catastrophic failures can be avoided.  Inservice inspections are just what they sound like – inspections of pressure vessels that have not been removed from service.  In order to provide these inspections, a company must be accredited, and have NBIC certified inspectors on staff.  Because of the specialized requirements necessary to become certified, fewer than 100 companies worldwide have the Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) status.  The certification process includes review of the company’s quality control program and verification of its implementation, as well as review of the company’s facilities.  The company is able to hire NBIC-certified inspectors only after beginning the accreditation process.

People possessing the National Board Inservice Inspector Commission (IS) have been qualified to perform inspections related to the installation and regular use of boilers and pressure vessels.  Inspectors can also be qualified to perform inspection of boilers and pressure vessels required by the ASME code if they hold the National Board Authorized Inspector Commission (AI).  Both categories of commissioned inspectors must meet education, experience, and examination requirements.  There are also continuing education requirements that must be met for annual recertification, as well as a code of ethics that must be followed.

In addition to being an Authorized Inspection Agency, Encorus Group has several National Board Inservice Commissioned Inspectors, as well as API 510 (Pressure Vessel) Inspectors.  If you have any questions about pressure vessel inspections, or would like to schedule inspection services, contact Encorus Group’s Director of Mechanical Integrity Services Keith Taylor at 716.592.3980, ext. 143 or  To learn more about our Mechanical Integrity Group and what they do, please visit our website.