SUNY Stony Brook Electrical Switchgear Design Sep 7

SUNY Stony Brook Electrical Switchgear Design

Stony Brook University, a SUNY college with a student enrollment of over 26,000 located on Long Island, had a system in place to ensure that the cogeneration facility providing both electrical power and steam to the campus can operate even in the event of a major... Read more
Mechanical Integrity Steam Traps Aug 10

Mechanical Integrity Steam Traps

Steam traps are used in steam transport systems that transfer heat through large buildings. Boiling water is used to create the steam, which is then transferred from the boiler to pipes that allow it to heat different parts of the building through radiators. As the... Read more
China King Restaurant Repair Design Jul 20

China King Restaurant Repair Design

Last November, a delivery truck crashed into the side of the China King restaurant in Gowanda, NY, causing extensive damage to the building. Along with the structural damage, the vehicle also struck the gas line inside, causing a major gas leak. Encorus Group was... Read more
Bleacher Design Services Jul 13

Bleacher Design Services

As this summer progresses, there is a good chance you’ve sat down in some type of bleacher or grandstand for a sporting event, concert or some other occasion. If you’ve attended a concert or event at our local Erie County Fairgrounds, you likely sat in the grandstand... Read more