Fun Fact Friday: Architectural Services Jan 4

Fun Fact Friday: Architectural Services

As a full-service professional engineering firm, Encorus Group offers services across several different engineering disciplines. But did you know that Encorus also offers architectural services? Architecture is the perfect complement to our engineering services! The... Read more
Fun Fact Friday: Hydrometer Analysis Testing Dec 7

Fun Fact Friday: Hydrometer Analysis Testing

This Fun Fact Friday article will describe the procedure for hydrometer analysis of soils. This procedure measures the particle-size distribution of fine-grained soils and is one of the services offered by our Civil Testing Group to ensure the integrity of subject... Read more
Encorus Group: Engineering Detectives Nov 16

Encorus Group: Engineering Detectives

DID YOU KNOW #funfactfriday Encorus Group: Engineering Detectives We are going to shift gears a bit for this week’s article and take a look at Encorus’s Design Group. Many people are familiar with the common types of engineering: civil, electrical, mechanical,... Read more
Arkwright Wind Farm Progress Apr 27

Arkwright Wind Farm Progress

Encorus Group has been working at the Arkwright Wind Farm site in Chautauqua County since July of 2017, providing services including bearing grade approval, concrete field testing, rebar inspection, in-place density testing, and grout testing.   When complete, the... Read more