Fire Protection Engineering Services Feb 23

Fire Protection Engineering Services

Fire protection engineering is a design necessity – it is relevant to almost any building design, since it helps to prevent fire and keep buildings safe in the event that a fire does occur. All building codes provide the basic requirements for fire protection,... Read more
Encorus Group Staff Spotlight: Ross Trainor Jan 26

Encorus Group Staff Spotlight: Ross Trainor

Growing up, math and science were not among Ross Trainor’s favorite subjects in school. As he continued his education, he eventually began to enjoy and understand these subjects through hard work and persistence. During high school and college, Ross worked as a... Read more
Highmark Stadium GPR Investigation Jan 19

Highmark Stadium GPR Investigation

Ground penetrating radar is a geophysical locating method that uses radio waves to capture images below the surface of the ground in a minimally invasive way. GPR is vital because it can locate underground utilities without disturbing the ground itself, or causing... Read more