China King Restaurant Repair Design Jul 20

China King Restaurant Repair Design

Last November, a delivery truck crashed into the side of the China King restaurant in Gowanda, NY, causing extensive damage to the building. Along with the structural damage, the vehicle also struck the gas line inside, causing a major gas leak. Encorus Group was... Read more
Fire Alarm System Design Jun 22

Fire Alarm System Design

Safety is one of the most important factors that engineers must consider when providing designs for any type of facility. One of the biggest safety hazards to prepare for is a fire. Encorus Group has a fire protection engineer on staff to create designs that will make... Read more
Welcome to Encorus, Anthony Czapla! May 23

Welcome to Encorus, Anthony Czapla!

Encorus Group would like to welcome Anthony Czapla to our design team, as he begins his role as Associate Electrical Engineer. Anthony is a graduate of Buffalo State College and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, as well as a... Read more