Roof Replacement Design Services Apr 20

Roof Replacement Design Services

Evaluating a roof and designing its replacement are complicated processes, as each project presents different challenges. Both architectural and structural engineering considerations are necessary in the design. Encorus Senior Architect George Reinhardt and Structural... Read more
BNIA Glycol Treatment Apr 6

BNIA Glycol Treatment

In a climate like Western New York’s, where winters can be harsh, a system to deice planes is essential to travel and commerce. Encorus Group assisted in a project to expand the capacity for the management of spent deicing fluid (glycol) and glycol-contaminated... Read more
Ford Gum Big League Chew Shredder Design Mar 16

Ford Gum Big League Chew Shredder Design

Ford Gum & Machine Co., Inc. is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of chewing gum, gumballs, gumball machine banks, assorted confections and health-related products. Their manufacturing facility is right here in Akron, NY and serves distributors,... Read more
Encorus Group Staff Spotlight: Mike Wittenberg, PE Mar 2

Encorus Group Staff Spotlight: Mike Wittenberg, PE

Growing up, Mike Wittenberg had a lot of career influences, none bigger than his family. His father worked in technical sales and his grandfather was an electrician. Mike learned a lot of problem-solving skills and how to take a hands-on approach because of his... Read more
Ski Chair Lift NDE Inspections Feb 2

Ski Chair Lift NDE Inspections

If you’re a skier or snowboarder, you know how important the ski lift is to the operation of the slopes. In order to ensure the safety of those using and operating the lift, as well as people on the ground, it is vital that ski lift components are inspected each year.... Read more
Highmark Stadium GPR Investigation Jan 19

Highmark Stadium GPR Investigation

Ground penetrating radar is a geophysical locating method that uses radio waves to capture images below the surface of the ground in a minimally invasive way. GPR is vital because it can locate underground utilities without disturbing the ground itself, or causing... Read more