Welcome to Encorus, Allen Smith! May 9

Welcome to Encorus, Allen Smith!

Encorus Group would like to welcome Allen Smith to our mechanical integrity team, as he begins his role as mechanical integrity inspector intern. Allen is going into his senior year at Rochester Institute of Technology where he is studying Mechanical Engineering... Read more
Fitness for Service Evaluations May 5

Fitness for Service Evaluations

Encorus’s Mechanical Integrity Group offers Fitness for Service evaluations to clients that have in-service equipment that needs to be examined.  A Fitness for Service, or FFS, evaluation is a standard evaluation used by the oil, gas, and chemical processing... Read more
Steam Trap and Insulation Surveys Feb 10

Steam Trap and Insulation Surveys

Encorus Group’s Mechanical Integrity Group offers steam trap and insulation surveys to increase the energy efficiency of buildings. Steam traps are used in steam transport systems that transfer heat through large buildings. Boiling water is used to create the steam,... Read more
Fun Fact Friday: Thermography Testing Aug 28

Fun Fact Friday: Thermography Testing

Encorus offers a variety of NDE services, including Thermography Testing. Officially adopted by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing in 1992, this method is one of the quicker and more affordable forms of NDE testing. Thermography is based on the principal... Read more
Welcome Evan Tucker! Jun 16

Welcome Evan Tucker!

Encorus is excited to welcome Evan Tucker! Evan will be joining the MI Group as a Mechanical Integrity Inspector. As a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Evan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Energy Science and Technology, as well as an... Read more